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February 10th, 2009 · Filed Under: Fat Busting Plans

A while ago i posted a blog about the launch of Pro-grade nutrition being available in the UK.

As mentioned, i have been looking for many years to offer my clients the right supplementation to their nutritional plans and was not fazed by having to wait for the ‘right’ company to become available.

I want to show you a video of the CEO of Pro-grade nutrition Jim Labadie giving a special behind the scenes look at the research that goes in to the development of their products.

Please Click Here For The Video

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February 8th, 2009 · Filed Under: Fat Busting Plans

WOW what a start to the year.

I don’t know if you remember but before Christmas i offered the chance for one of you to come and train with me for free for 3 months on the condition of your commitment, testimonial, before and after pictures and also a written diary.

When people make any lifestyle change, especially towards a healthier life it is always going to be hard and i fully understand that. What i don’t understand though is when you are offered the chance of a break and given everything you need to commit to your goal you don’t take.

That is the reason for this post.

In the particular email i was talking about i wanted you to make a commitment to getting in shape and turning your health and fitness around and i would do everything i can to make sure you get this. However this has to be a 2 way thing and i cannot do it on my own!

As the particular person who was offered this chance was not ready to commit to their goal i have had to take the step of ’sacking’ them from the program. I get very ‘interesting’ emails from other trainers and members of the public, especially when i have turned them down for personal training because i do not feel they are ready to commit.

I pride our company on this approach and it is not an arrogance stance. I do not want to take your money or waste yours or my time if you are not fully committed to the program. I love the fact we are the only personal training company outside London (there are 2 in London) who offer a 100% money back guarantee on our results. If we say you’ll lose 5lbs and you lose 4.5lbs i will happily give you a 100% refund because we have let you down.

For this to work though i need YOUR commitment.

For those of you that have had consultations with other personal trainers they promise you everything, they can do rehab, sports specific, weight loss, competition, cover model, core stability absolutely anything! (we specialise in weight loss and only do weight loss)

Now you ask that same trainer to commit to getting you the results they promised and offer you a 100% refund in the time frame and then you will see how good they really are! I know other trainers read this and i will ask you again, Do not make my company different, offer the same commitment and give your clients a 100% refund if they do not achieve the results you have promised them.

As you can tell by the tone of the email i am a little disappointed in the way this challenge has gone but it will not affect the way i want it to go. If you are ready to step up to the mark and you want to make a 100% commitment to changing your life please let me know. Take the reins and lets get you in to the best shape and get you back to feeling your best.

I will open the competition again. This time. 6 weeks free training for 3 times per week and you must be able to train in the hours between 9am and 12pm. Just email me a picture and a little about why you want this and i will get in touch within the next 7 days to get you back on track.

You must be a member of Total Fitness Health Clubs or be prepared to join (it is a minimum of 12 month contract at £40 per month or if you wanted to pay each month it is £70 but with no 12 month contract).

I get no commission from your sale but i rent their gym and currently fully booked with external clients and boot camps so have no free time outside the gym.

Thank you and i look forward to your reply. (info@mattibbs.com)

IFS UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2008

P.S - Are you training for the services, fire, police or ambulance service. We offer the same 100% money back guarantee on getting you up to the required level to pass the fitness test. Email me at info@mattibbs.com

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