Makes the First Step Toward Cosmetic Surgery Available Online Makes the First Step Toward Cosmetic Surgery Available Online

Where would Joan Rivers'' eyebrows be today if she could have used this service before having her two facelifts? Would Ashlee Simpson have had her infamous nose surgery if she could have previewed the potential result?

The stakes are high. On the one hand, patients must undergo a potentially risky procedure that is usually permanent and may not give them the desired outcome. On the other, if it is successful and patients get the results they had hoped for, they enjoy boosted confidence and the favorable attention easily granted to more attractive people, something economists call the "beauty premium."

There are no easy answers to this very personal question, and it is as much a philosophical matter as it is a physical one. What does appearance mean to me and to others? How would my life change for better or for worse if I had a cosmetic procedure?

There is a new Web-based service at ( that does not attempt to answer these questions. Attenunit Ventures, LLC, the firm behind the MyNipTuck service, is in fact uninterested in persuading those considering plastic surgery ( one way or the other. What it is interested in is providing people with a new tool that will help them as they make an important decision.

Individuals can use MyNipTuck as a "first step" in the decision-making process. The company''s belief is that there is no way to preview a cosmetic procedure, and that all anyone has are the before/after pictures of other people and the promises of doctors.

"The fact that you''re spending thousands of dollars and changing your appearance permanently and there''s no way to see how you might look before you agree to surgery is, in my estimation, basically ludicrous," said Christian Hunter, co-founder of Attenunit Ventures. "We want to provide a service that simply doesn''t exist for people who are trying to make a life-changing decision."

The service works by allowing a customer to upload a front and side view photo of their face or other part of their body that they''re considering having surgery, and then choosing from a list of available procedures. Skilled photo re-touchers edit the photos to show the individual what they might look like post-op, and then a plastic surgeon reviews the altered photo to ensure that the change is likely possible for that person.

The service costs $9.95, and the turnaround time is 24 hours or less.

About MyNipTuck is a new, low-cost way for individuals to envision themselves after a cosmetic procedure, but before any consultations, paperwork or financial commitments. After uploading images of themselves, people choose a procedure and in 24 hours or less, receive a retouched, surgeon-reviewed photo to consider as they make the decision on whether to go forward with plastic surgery ( MyNipTuck is privately owned by Attenunit Ventures, LLC.

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