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The multitude of uses man has found for plants, including medicinal, domestic and culinary, demonstrates his close association with nature. Apart from their traditional use for all man’s ills and ailments, herbs have proved invaluable in many other ways in the domestic context. They have provided shelter, roof coverings (grasses, reeds, heather), utensils, household trays, dishes and baskets (birch bark), buildings and furnishings (bamboo), dyes (hair, textile), insecticides (moths, flies).

This site will provide you with guidelines in utilizing herbs in the kitchen, to make some great herb bread, oil, butter, vinegar dressings and herbal teas, in and around the house, in potpourri, herb pillows, scented items and decorative purposes, and in many other preparations.

In the best of all possible worlds, you would use fresh herbs all year round, but many herbs are annuals and the perennials more often than not die back in winder, so you have to use dried ones. Although dried herbs lose some natural oils and vitamins, they retain much of their flavors if they have been dried correctly. Store all your herbs in glass airtight containers.

The time of the year for harvesting is any time when the part of the herbs you want to collect are well advanced but still young and fresh. However, seeds must be collected when they are mature. Dry herbs on racks or hang then upside down in a dry cool place with good air circulation. If you dry them in bunches keep them small and as loose as possible.

To collect seeds, place the mature flower heads with some of the flower stems attached in a paper bag, head first, and secure with a string or rubber band tied around the top. Now you can rub the flower heads by hand through the paper bag to collect the seeds.

Some herbs can be frozen. They are better frozen than dried. Collect them when plenty in season. Parsley and chives can be frozen after been chopped fine so can basil, chopped and mixed in a little olive oil. Shape them in to small cubes and use them as they needed.

Troughs out history herbs have been important to the household. Traditionally, herbs have been used as medicine for humans and animals, disinfect and purify the air, repel insects, surface cleaners, beauty and relaxation….

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