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Secrets to a Killer Fitness Program  Health and Fitness Blog -

May 14, 2009Secrets to a Killer Fitness Program

A solid Killer Fitness Plan can be the difference between an energized or lack-lustre individual. In medieval times athletes were looked at as the next best thing to the gods. Nowadays, athletes are still looked at as the closest human specimans will ever be to God.

Society relates physical fitness with a state of overall health and ability. Many people strive to become this model being but fall short because of a less than impressive Killer Fitness Plan. There is no perfect Exercise Routine that every individual can follow to gain results. It would be nice, but we are all unique in our own ways and our bodies respond and adapt differently. Also, a little factor called motivation plays a huge role in how well someones Killer Fitness Plan will work.

The first thing you MUST know about creating or trying to follow any Killer Fitness Plan is to be realistic. This is the biggest fall when it comes to people trying to decide what they want. Dont convince or trick yourself into thinking you want to achieve something that you cant. If youre not a motivated person, dont develop a Exercise Routine that involves going to the gym 6 times a week. Be realistic with what you want to achieve and dont lie to yourself. No one knows you better than you do!

You dont have to join a gym or buy expensive equipment to improve your health and become more fit. There are many items in your home that you can use in an effective health and fitness program. The important thing to health and fitness is getting good cardiovascular conditioning, developing stronger muscles, and building your strength and endurance. You cant buy those, but you can earn them with a regular program that promotes your good health and fitness. Good health and fitness is an important goal if you want a long, happy life.

The second thing you need to know about creating or following any Exercise Routine is that you need to adjust. Any workout that becomes stagnant, static, or repeatetive wont allow you to see maximum results, regardless of the Killer Fitness Plan you have. Exercise Routine should always have many phases that are constantly changing throughout the course of the year so your body can never adapt. A common scenario is a Killer Fitness Plan that has a 6 month cycle (done twice a year) that has 3-4 phases within that 6 months.

The Ultimate Killer Fitness Plan is easy to find if you know exactly what you want and how to cater to your bodies constant change.

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